How To Start Making Money Online

This method I will be discussing today will involve using the website Fiverr to get extremely cheap services for five dollars and re-selling these services for much higher prices. I have performed many case studies on this showing just exactly how profitable this technique is. I was able to pull in $1500 USD per week consistently in the past.

Before you get started you will understand that you will have to put a little bit of effort into this. It is not a push-button technique but it is an incredibly good way of getting started with your online revenue endeavors. There will be a very small investment but it will be in really small increments of $5. For every five dollars spent you will much more than quadruple your investment.

Although most Fiverr “gigs” are complete garbage you can look around and find the quality diamonds in the rough. Just follow the rule: if it seems too good to be true then it probably is. Instead of going for tens of thousands of links you should go for ten to a thousand links. Remember quality is what we are looking for versus quantity. Getting mass amounts of terrible links will probably result in negative results to your website. If you can find high PR links you should snatch them up quickly especially if they are higher than PR 5. These are going to provide an enormous amount of benefit and will greatly benefit your organic search engine traffic. Be sure that whatever offer you are using provides a detailed report once they have finished so you have something to show to the customer you are reselling to. Many of these offers cost hundreds of dollars on other websites so there is a huge amount of markup available to you.

making money online

Once you have found a great Fiverr offer that you believe to be valid and will actually give good results then you can move on to the next step. You should look for a free website creation tool such as Word Press or Weebly. I personally recommend you purchase a domain which is very cheap especially when you can find coupons and use a cheap hosting service. If you don’t already have hosting for your other websites chances are you will need it in the near future for another project. This is to keep initial investment as low as possible so you can generate a large amount of profit. Add a title to the page – something that grabs the visitors attention and pulls them in for the sale such as “Rank number 1 for whatever keyword you want today!”. Write approximately 500 (or more) words below this in a few paragraphs describing what you are offering and how it will help their SEO efforts. Make the copy read very well with no grammatical errors and really boast about how this service is going to save them tons of money while earning them a great deal as well. Include a few pictures scattered throughout the article to give it a nice feel and be sure to make it look half decent.

Feel free to add an extra “value added” service to go along with the Fiverr offer. You can easily upsell the offers if you – for example – offer to create 5 high PR blog posts or EDU links pointing to their website as well. You want to make your offer stand out from the pack. Make sure to give yourself some leeway so for example if your offer says it will complete in one day then quote your service at two. This will give you a little bit of wiggle room for relay time and buffers the fall if they are late delivering the links to you.

Now you can begin promoting this mini website you have created. There are tons of different methods you can use to send targeted visitors to your offer. One option is to use a tool like SENuke, Scrapebox, Article Marketing Robot or GSA Search Engine Ranker to send a ton of links to your website. You may not want to invest in these tools because they have a decent price tag on them (GSA and Scrapebox are my personal recommendation for individuals on a budget). They will definitely give you a ton of benefit to any other websites you own and want to increase search engine rankings for. If you are shy to invest then you can simply order some of these quality Fiverr offers you have found for yourself and point them to your website.

You can begin discussing your offer on different chat and forum websites. Look for a crowd that is creating websites and are interested in marketing. You can send PMs to people or just add your link to your forum signature and add comments wherever you can. Be sure the link stands out so use a contrasting font color or create yourself an image and use it as your link. You will be very surprised to see how many interested buyers this will attract especially if you have a competitive price. If you have the startup capital then just hire a virtual assistant to do this work for you. They are incredibly cheap because they are usually overseas and you can get 8 hours of work for around $20. Be sure to keep an eye on them though and monitor their work and ask for reports of what they’ve done. Ask them before they start the job so that they can always have a report ready for you by the end of the day or week. If the forums you join do not allow links in the signature then just write something like “send me a message if you want to learn my ranking secret” or something of that nature and you will almost immediately begin receiving private messages. You will also most likely circumvent the forum moderators mighty ban hammer as well. You can also promote your offer through forums by posting a case study that shows how amazing the results of your website were. Tell them how you were skeptical but now you are very happy you used the service because you are making tons of money or something along these lines.

Use your favorite payment gateway (I prefer PayPal) to receive payments directly from your website so it makes purchasing your services as easy as possible. You don’t want to make it difficult for your potential customers to give you money! Everyone trusts and knows PayPal so that is why I tend to use it most often. Be aware that however much you price your service at will directly relate to how many sales you make. You can find the “sweet spot” in between number of sales and profit per sale. You can charge as low as $15 and as high as $150 it is completely up to you.

Using this method you can start small but start scaling it up to massive proportions. Think of this one website bringing in enough money to start 2 more, then 5 more, 10 more and before long you are making an absolute killing reselling others services. It really is not that much work once you have things set up and you should be making a huge return on investment while doing so. When you’re trying to make money on the internet you really just have to jump in head first and put your fears aside. Please let me know if you have tried out this method and if it worked or if you have any variations you would like to share. Also, I will be happy to answer questions in the comments section!

Promoting YouTube Videos Easily

First of all if you haven’t signed up for a YouTube account you obviously need to do that. You can quickly and easily use an old Google account to add videos within a few clicks, however, be sure to use your keyword in the Google account to begin with. Just create a brand new account if it doesn’t have the phrase you want to rank for in it. When you are setting up the YouTube account be sure to use your selected niche as the user name. So for example if you are trying to rank for “blue widgets” be sure to sign up as “BlueWidgets” or some variation if that isn’t available. Some people prefer to add a letter at the end if the name is already taken but you can also put an extra word in there. Just so long as your entire phrase is in there because it is critical to you landing on the first page of the search results.

All you need to do in regards to promotion is upload just one single video to this YouTube account – it’s that easy! This is because when the video has been uploaded it initially resides in the featured section of your channel page. You can check out your channel by going to It is important that there is only one video on this account so that it remains at the very top and retains as much authority as possible. The links at the top of the page will get the majority of the authority (or “juice” as its commonly referred to in SEO lingo) allocated on the page. The next step after creating and uploading your video is to create a few links to it (also known as back linking). We will create high page rank links all pointing to your new video to help establish it’s authority in Google’s eyes.

Promoting YouTube Videos Easily

To create these links first search for your keyword or phrase in the YouTube search form at the top of the page (I’m sure we all know how to search for videos). Go through all the resulting video pages and open the channel of the users that uploaded them. The more authority these channels have – the better. You can use a number of different tools to determine page-rank but you can probably tell how important a user is by the number of views, subscribers and comments on the channel.

Once you have a list (or you can go through them one-by-one) of YouTube channels related to your topic and have high authority – you will make comments on the pages. Just leave a complimentary comment on their channel that is relevant to their videos and cannot be construed as garbage. Do not feel inclined to stuff your keyword into the comment there is no point in it because your username already has your anchor text in it. Post a bunch of these comments and you will see your video rise through the search engine results incredibly fast! You won’t even believe you easy it is to rank first for even some more difficult niches using this technique.

I’m sorry to the more advanced users of YT there is over elaboration in certain parts but I just wanted to make sure that everyone is on the same page. It’s better to explain too much versus too little am I right? I have had an enormous amount of success with this step-by-step method and using it with other variations have driven tens of thousands of visitors to my websites. You can simply keep creating accounts and you can rank for unlimited numbers of keywords. Please let me know what you think of this method and if you have found any success using it I love getting feedback from people who have benefited from my content! I try very hard to give informative instructions backed up by case studies that anyone can follow to start or fortify their online earnings!

Email Marketing Examples And Tutorial

This guide is one method of sending traffic to visitors to your affiliate links or website. We will provide you with a complete walk through on how to make an email marketing campaign complete with examples. It is incredibly effective but requires a bit of work from your end. There are tons of different ways to send visitors to your website but this will focus on one email marketing trick. This method can also be used in conjunction with banner advertisements, Facebook advertisement / networking, twitter marketing, chatting and other forms of marketing off the web to get the desired customers.

First of all you should choose a dating offer through an affiliate site. This will require you do your due diligence in terms of determining the quality in terms of conversion rates and traffic rules. It is important you ask your affiliate manager if they are alright accepting email traffic before you start sending anybody to the offers. Alternatively you can send visitors to your website and have these advertisements on your website through affiliate networks. Just be sure whatever offer you are promoting is alright with getting leads through email because some may frown upon this method of traffic generation. I recommend you just ask if you can “test out your traffic” and chances are they will be more than happy with the customers you bring them. I recommend you use a smaller company as opposed to the major providers (for example commission junction).

You may consider creating more than one account with the affiliate website but make sure that you are using proxies and hide your tracks well or else you could risk losing both accounts. I have two different accounts that I use completely different lead generation techniques with for testing and safety purposes.

I use a bunch of virtual private servers to constantly (24 hours a day) be scraping for new emails based on keywords related to my dating affiliate link. Use the Google AdWords keyword tool to generate keyword ideas – you can download the list in spreadsheet .csv format and copy them all to a text file. There are a ton of different email scrapers available I will leave that step up to you. Just look through forums and Google to figure out what is the newest, most reliable software people are using and giving the best reviews. I use my own custom made software that I may share in the near future but it is proprietary and lots of my income relies on it. There are many free comparable offers available throughout the web whether they are cracked or freeware. If anyone needs help finding them just leave a comment on this post and I will be happy to step in and help out in the search.

Be sure from whatever emails you scrape you immediately remove duplicates and whatever other emails you have added to your “blacklist”. You will eventually create a blacklist of emails that are not generating leads and making you money. Don’t waste time sending these emails off because they are useless. I will discuss the method I use to funnel the most useful converting emails to make sales and create a list that you can send additional affiliate offers to in the future (making you even MORE money). Also be sure to not send out duplicate emails – this just means marking down whatever emails you have already blasted.

Your first email should just be something along the lines of “Hello it’s been a long time since we last spoke but I’m wondering if we could go out for lunch because I just got back into town. I’ll be here for another couple weeks so get back to me soon!” This way the person will believe the email was sent by accident so they will be feel to respond and not mark it as junk. When you try and sell someone something by email they will inherently be against it and most likely delete the message. The most important thing here is that people do not mark it as junk so you will be able to continue sending emails from that email. From all of the responses you will get a qualified list of emails to get a clean database of lead-generating potential leads. This clean list is who you will be sending your dating affiliate links to generate income. The next message will look like this: “I just joined this network by the way if you want to take a look it has tons of people and I think I may have just found ‘the one’:”

Email Marketing Examples

Be sure all of your emails have a disclaimer at the bottom to stay within legal boundaries. Just mention how you collected their email and make a clear indication of how they can unsubscribe. Your affiliate manager will really appreciate this and will guarantee the safety of your account so you can continue using this method in the long-term. I have personally been using one network for over 3 years now and generated well over $100,000 after I scaled up the process. I am not trying to deceive you this is not a get-rich-quick scam this is something that legitimately takes work and has a lot of room to scale up and make an enormous amount of money.

You may have to try a few different affiliate networks before you find a good one – I was not able to get the conversion rate I was looking for with the first few networks I tried but I finally found one that started making me some killer money. I get paid every week and this makes me feel better because when things hit the fan I will only be losing a maximum of a week’s earnings. Be wary that a more frequent payout is a desirable feature.

If you have any questions about this technique I’ve described in this thread just let me know in the comments section! I will be diligent and be as thorough as possible I would love to try and help people out! Also feel free to expand – don’t feel constrained and get creative! Try different offers and methods of creating a qualified list! Marketing is all about being creative and the more you test, the more you learn and the more you earn!

Make Money With Google AdWords

Today I will be discussing a newly discovered technique to make money using Google Adwords vouchers. Using this tutorial you should be able to make a respectable amount of money on your first day of implemenation. Most other online income techniques are aimed towards slowly accomplishing long-term goals for gradual results. This will provide immediate income followed by residual effects. At the absoulte minimum you should be able to pull in AT LEAST five dollars a day with a miniscule amount of effort. It can obviously be scaled up to provide hundreds of dollars daily. It all depends on how far you want to take it.

Let’s get to the meat and potatos – how we accomplish it. Use a website such as Fiverr to look for Adwords vouchers. The going rate is anywhere from one to six $100 coupons for $5. I’m sure you can find better deals if you look hard enough but be sure you’re purchasing from a reputable vendor. It is a tiny investment but nobody likes to get scammed. Basic math dictates you are spending $5 for $100-600 worth of Google advertising. You can’t really ask for more, can you?

It is a common misconception that you need a credit card to activate an Adwords account to use these coupons. You can get around using tons virtual credit cards (or doing something horrible like stealing credit cards) using these simple instructions. All you need is a US proxy (if your located outside of the United States) and a brand-spanking new Google Account. You don’t need to verify the account with your phone, either.

google adwords money

Set up the new Adwords account by selecting United States as your country, American Currency and a time zone within the US. Once this is all set up, navigate in your account to billing preferences and select United States. Use an address that is located within the time zone you chose. Choose a manual payment method and then enter the coupon you purchased earlier. Agree to the terms and now check your balance – the coupon of $75 or $100 should have been successfully added!

You will need a working anonymous US proxy for every coupon. They are really easy to come by if you are using a program like Scrapebox. A quick Google search will give you a number of huge lists to work with as well.

You will then need to choose a product to promote with a company like ClickBank. ClickBank is what I will be using in this example but feel free to use your imagination! Using Google Adwords, bid on “Product Name Review” using your link. There are a number of tutorials on how to get up and running with Adwords but it’s not very difficult. Be sure to use a higher bid than your competition. Ensure you are showing up in the first position for advertisements even if it means paying more for each click. You WILL make a sale – this is a guarantee. If you are promoting a $20 product then all it takes is one sale to quadrouple your invesment. You will surely get more than one sale with a $100 advertising budget. A small twenty dollar bill will give you over twenty seven hundred dollars to play around with. This is essentially free advertising with the number one pay per click advertiser in the world.

I would love to hear your comments and spinoffs of this method.

Easiest Way To Make Money Online

Todays update will provide a detailed description of how you can make a thousand dollars a month with little effort. My goal is always to remember: “work smart – not hard”. This method uses predictions using google’s news search to find new products available for monetization. You will need a website (sign up at FatCow for great hosting deals) and will then promote it using Google and Amazon techniques. Amazon will be used to generate the money but you can use other sources such as Adsense or another ad provider. Amazon has yielded generous results so we will be using it in this example. A general rule of thumb is to use Amazon to monetize physical product niches, Adsense to make money from information-based content and Clickbank to get income from e-products. This tutorial can be improved and expanded if you use your brain to come up with adaptations. This guide will give you the basic groundwork necessary and as you get more comfortable there are tricks and shortcuts you will naturally pick up.

Let’s get started.

First navigate to Google News. for those who have never used Google News before you can search for news by selecting “News” from the left-hand side bar after you have performed a Google search. Search for “Announcement” or “Announced” in Google News and you will see the most recent product and information articles. This is how we are going to be getting ideas for topics to create content on. Now that you’ve got a list of the most recent announcements, pick something that interests you and relates to your monetizion method (discussed above). For example, using Amazon for monetization you can choose something like a new video card or processor. These are only examples but once again if you’re using Amazon to make money be sure to pick a physical product.
The next step is to create a website, article or blog post about the product or information you decided to write about. You can choose whatever keyword you want to rank for such as “Product Review” (ie. “iPad 4 Review”). Review sites can be easy to rank for and are what people look for before purchasing the product. In previous posts we have discussed how to determine competition and potential of certain keywords. We are not going to pay attention to any of that for this method because the product has not been released and therefore automatically has low competition and low searches. Don’t worry – the product is being announced so traffic will skyrocket upon its release. Write detailed, helpful and informative content for your entry. You always want to write high quality content to ensure repeat visitors and longer visit times. You will also drop your bounce rate (the rate at which people leave or “bounce” from your website before clicking on any other link on your website). Google and other search engines are able to determine quality articles from useless ones through a number of metrics such as these.

Create some backlinks on high page rank related pages. A little note – since the implementation of the Google Penguin algorithm update you do not want to over optimize your off-page SEO. This means you should only have a MAXIMUM of 60% anchor texts for the keyword you are going after. Anchor text is the text shown that links to your page (ie. “Blue Widgets” linking to your website that sells blue widgets). The Google Penguin update has made search engine optimization a little more tricky because you need to keep things like this in mind. I will make a dedicated post that details our findings of what is working with the new update once we have more information to work with.

If there are no reviews or other information available to create your own review, just create the page or website with information about the product. When more information becomes available, be sure to add it. You can begin building backlinks before you have created your content.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Be sure to pick a few products or keywords to create content for. This will give you something to fall back on and should always be implemented when doing any internet marketing or promotion work. I have personally learned this lesson the hard way when the only website i was working on tanked and lost all my hard work. It also gives you more opportunity for income – two websites have a higher potential than one!

Easiest Online Money

Get Cash Quick Online

Internet marketing can be a difficult game to conquor but if you attack it the right way you don’t have to work hard. There is a much better approach – work smart and not hard. There are hundreds of methods to make tons of cash using different approaches so look around this website until you find something that’s right for you. Today I will be discussing a method using Adsense to generate an enormous amount of passive income. This means money will be rolling in even when you don’t pay attention to your website or content.

1. Pick a niche in an area where you are very comfortable writing for because you will end up writing a few hundred to thousands of words eventually on the topic. Use Google Adwords Keyword Tool to pick a keyword (keyword can mean a phrase and should be a 2-5 word search query). Things to keep in mind are global monthly searches and estimated CPC (cost per click). These are very important to look at because CPC will determine how much you will make when someone clicks on an advertisement on your website and monthly searches will determine how many potential visitors will come to your website. Ensure you have “[Exact]” checked off instead of Broad under Match Types on the left column to get a more accurate estimate of the potential Google traffic. If Amazon or Wikipedia are in the first place in the search engine results for your keyword just avoid that one. These websites have very strong authority with Google and you will have a difficult time outranking them. There are many things to take into consideration when choosing a keyword worthy of ranking for. Try searching in search engines: intitle: “keyword or phrase”. Also try using: inurl: “keyword or phrase”. If there is a lot of competition with exact match titles and urls then avoid that keyword it means people are trying to optimize for that keyword and there may be high competition.

2. Purchase hosting with a company like FatCow (sign up here) to put your website on. Once again I really hate GoDaddy they treated me very poorly and I would never recommend them for anything except for cheap “.info” domains. This only costs ~$3 a month and will be the only investment required in this plan.

3. Pick a theme and install wordpress. WordPress is the best and easiest CMS to use in my opinion but you’ll hear something different from everyone. It offers a vast array of features, plugins and customization options that don’t require a tedious learning curve. Look on the website for the famous 5 minute install once you have purchased and set up hosting for your website. You can then choose one of thousands of free and premium themes. You can find free premium nulled themes from black hat world forums if you would like to save yourself some money. Write a few posts and pages of content related to your subject. Ensure to keep below a five percent keyword density and include the keyword in the title. These are the basics of on site search engine optimization but I will post a more thorough post on that subject later.

4. Promote your website! Once everything is completely ready to go and presentable, start driving some people there. Make some web 2.0 properties on pages like squidoo, blogspot and blogger and make links with your keyword as anchor text pointing to your website. Anchor text is the text that is displayed for example “blue widgets” and when clicked leads to your website or page you are trying to rank to that page. If you are looking to get serious and automate this process purchase SenukeX, Scrapebox or Xrumer. Scrapebox should definitely be your first investment towards a more aggressive link building campaign. Create some youtube videos, twitter profile and facebook page leading to your  website for some extra easy traffic.

get cash quick

I hope this helped. I will begin to post more specific posts that pertain to certain aspects of this plan. There are thousands of different factors and strategies people use to manipulate search engine results in their favour. I don’t want to confuse and overwhelm people who are trying to get into get started so more advanced posts are sure to follow this one.

Make Money Online Fast

Today’s post is hopefully going to help those who have been struggling making money on the internet  . It will get your hopes up by driving some instant traffic to your offer(s) that will convert well. Once again, if you’ve been looking to start making a living, or some extra money through website visitors. There are hundreds of ways to get people to come to your website or advertisements but today I will be discussing how I have used YouTube to drive a flood of targeted visitors to my money generating content. We try and post step-by-step guides that anyone can follow but if you have any issues whatsoever feel free to post a comment with your question we will get back to you within a day.

1. Figure out your niche. This can be difficult but use the Adwords keyword tool and find a keyword that you feel comfortable writing about. Make sure you know something about the topic so that you can really be persuasive with it.

2. Register a website. If you want to make any kind of money on the internet you need to get a domain name. Definitely consider purchasing a top-level domain (.com, .net or .org) but if you feel like saving some money you can use GoDaddy and register a .info domain for $2. I do NOT recommend you purchase hosting from them, it is a complete rip off and there are tons of other hosts that give you much better features, flexibility and won’t bother you as much. If you are looking for website hosting – please consider FatCow (You can visit the website Here) they offer tons of initial features such as free Adwords coupon, Facebook advertising coupons and many more. There is simply no reason to use GoDaddy (sorry for the rant). Anyway, hosting shouldn’t cost you more than three or four dollars a month and you should be earning that much daily within a week. You will have a very hard time using a free web host for advertising CPA offers and I don’t recommend them for Adsense.

3. Sign up with a CPA account with a company like Leadbolt (You can use ShareCash if you’re planning to monetize off users downloading your content).  Leadbolt is a much better option in the long-run because you can host the files yourself and everyone already hates Share Cash. If you use Share Cash you don’t necessarily need a website because they host your files. If you use Leadbolt you must use one of the web hosts described in step 2 or find a free web host that allows CPA offers (I have previously used Zymic). Leadbolt has many more features such as offer optimization and content locker design options but they require you to have a website to get accepted. A lot of CPA companies will instantly ban you from the network if they don’t like the way you drive traffic to their offers but these 2 companies have been very forgiving with me and will just send you an e-mail letting you know about their concern. Here is a link to ShareCash and Here is a link to Leadbolt.

4. Create a YouTube video revolving around your niche. The easiest, cheapest and fastest way to get a few hundred views and inevitably a bunch of clicks is to make a slideshow. Use something like windows movie maker or iMovie for you mac folk and download a bunch of images from google and bing images search tools. Alternatively you can write a script and post a gig on Fiverr (just Google it) for someone to create a video or two based on your script. There are many reputable people that will create you a well-made video or two for five dollars. Ensure you always make some mention of your link in the description so viewers become more obligated to click on it. Don’t worry each video will earn much more than  five dollars and much more if you choose a good keyword. Make sure you choose a long-tail keyword and do some research using Adwords keyword tool without too much competition. Also Register a Twitter account so you can start re-tweeting your videos.

5. Put your link in the description. Make sure your link is at the very top of your description. This will ensure that viewers don’t have to click the “expand” arrow that shows the whole description. The easier you make it for them, the more will click on it. This link is either your website or a link to your ShareCash link. If you haven’t already done so, place your link in your channel website field under account settings. Another great tip – set keywords for your channel in the channel settings because roughly 15% of your views will come from channel searches. 15% extra views is definitely worth setting a few extra keywords and it is often something people overlook.

6. Sign up to social media sharing websites such as YouLikeHits and AddMeFast. These will help you drive views, subscriptions, followers and likes to your content so you can have a nice buffer and start ranking better in search engines. They’re completely free and will help you gain reliability from your visitors.

7. Create some web 2.0’s. If you’re getting into online marketing you need to know about web 2.0’s and what they can offer you. Create a wordpress, blogspot, squidoo or any other blog / article site that will allow you to place a link to your video in their content. The more links you have pointing towards your video, the higher it will rank in YouTube’s search and the more viewers and clicks on your offers you will get.

Make Money Online Fast

This is a nice way to start earning money online quickly without much investment. The more videos you upload the more money you will make, simple as that. You should expect to see results very fast because YouTube doesn’t take long to place your video in the search results. If you have any ideas of your own to improve this method let us know through the comment form below! Thanks for reading I hope this helped you get started driving some traffic through YouTube.

Earn Extra Money Online

Everyone could use a little extra money in there lives, am I right? Whether it be to help pay the bills, to buy that new gadget or to create a savings it’s never a bad time. This website goes into thorough detail describing many of the common techniques you can employ to make some quick easy money! Today’s tutorial will completely guide you through putting some extra cash in your pocket with no investment. The money will simply roll in without any more work after you initially set it up.

1. Find an easy-to-rank keyword that you shouldn’t have any trouble ranking for. There are many different ways you can find one of these magical keywords but I will explain in depth my research technique that has served me very well.

2. Set up a simple WordPress blog – use a cheap web host such as FatCow (this website is hosted using FatCow and I earn thousands of dollars a month) – it only costs roughly 2 dollars a month and you will be earning this much every day within a week. I host over 10 websites on it with no additional cost. I really advise against using GoDaddy for hosting – they are only good for registering cheap .info domains. Alternatively you can use a free host and use and – they are very easy to rank as well.

3. Make a few posts that relate to your keyword. Not all of them have to be directly related to the phrase but make one that uses your keyword in the title and sparsely throughout the paragraphs of your article.

4. Sign up for Google Adsense or another advertising provider such as Leadbolt (another advertiser I use). You can choose to lock your content with a required survey before visitors access your page or place text ads like there are on this website (you can see them on the top, left and right sides). You will need a cell phone and a website but it costs absolutely nothing.

5. Make some links back to your site by searching for competitor links. Simply type in your keyword and keywords related to your topic into Google Adwords keyword tool. You don’t need to pay any money to use Adwords keyword tool, simply use your Google account and type adwords into Google. The widget you will be using to get related keywords is located under ‘Tools and Analysis’ -> Keyword tool. Type the following search term into Google: keyword “powered by WordPress”. Be sure to include the quotations – that basically means you are looking for a website that has your keyword and is powered by WordPress. Go to one of the posts on the website you found in the search results and find the comment field at the bottom. Use Your keyword in the name field, input your website in the URL bar and post a meaningful comment to ensure it is approved my moderators. Also try techniques like making YouTube videos with your website in the description.

Extra money is this easy!

earn extra money online free

If this seems like too much work (sarcasm) than go find a 9-5 job and work hard for your money :). Like I previously mentioned I earn a few thousand dollars a month in revenue working my way to a full time job casually adding new posts to my websites. This is an extremely basic approach to building a simple website and driving search engine traffic to it automatically. More advanced tutorials will come in future posts including advanced on and off-page website optimization. I hope this helped my goal was to help you earn extra money online, happy earnings!

Make money from youtube

Learn How to Make Easy Money From YouTube

The easy way

There are several different approaches to accumulating youtube views, comments, likes and other interactions.  In the end you want users clicking on the link in your description or profile.  This brings us to the first point of picking a video worthy of spending your time on.  You can go ahead and make the video yourself but many blackhatters (like myself) simply rip and use other people’s videos to save us time.  There are many ways to download a youtube video but I recommend keepvid they have worked very well for me so far.  Once you’ve downloaded it watermark it with an image of your website and upload it with your own engaging title.  I discuss other methods of getting free youtube views and interactions in previous posts.

Take note: views aren’t everything!  Interactions are also highly valued so posting comments, likes, favorites and subscriptions to your video will also yield benefit.  For your social media I recommend using Twiends to get your first couple hundred-thousand likes and views.  Twiends is a free social media sharing site that lets people trade views and interactions with each other.  Using automated software we are able to accumulate thousands of seeds and trade them for views and likes.  Twiends really makes making money from youtube easy.

make money from youtube

Next sign up with an affiliate provider like LeadBolt, ShareCash or Adscend.  If you are using a blackhat technique I recommend LeadBolt they are more forgiving.  Create a landing page and guide people to it!  You should have an automated revenue stream in no time!

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For existing ways of making money from youtube posted on this website.  Check out Free easy youtube views and Earn money with a blog or website.

Making money with Adscend

Adscend has many tools to help you make money from your traffic.  If you have content, you can lock it with a content gateway that offers country-specific ads to your visitors.  Some offers earn as much as $50 per lead and significantly increase your earnings from similar websites.  If you wish to make money by sharing files, they have a similar tool that earns you money per download.  They also have a list of daily updated incentive and non-incentive offers that you may promote.  As I am writing this, they have 435 different offers for countries around the world for you to make money from.  The application process is also very easy.  Enjoy!


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